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Monitoring and Controlling the Real World

At Digital Power Engineering we are often involved in projects such as tools, test equipment, industrial process equipment and vehicles that encompass not only motors and power but a wide variety of sensors. Over the last four decades we have incorporated or designed sensors to measure light, motion, sound, weight, position, presence, current, voltage, force, conductivity, salinity, temperature, magnetic fields and pressure.

Within the last few years, the results are more frequently passed to the "cloud" to collect data on a grand scale, analyze the data and send commands back to motors and actualtors.  At the start, this was for high value applicatons like military and aerospace, now this level of sophistication is filtering down to agriculture, general business and even consumers.

With our experience, Digital Power Engineering can help you collect the data to monitor your real world and communicate back to the muscle to change and control it.


















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