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Welcome to Digital Power Engineering!

Digital Power Engineering helps companies of all sizes develop new products and improve existing products by filling in the gaps in their engineering and product develoment resources or developing and licensing new technology to them.

Our 40 years of engineering experience together with our capabilities in analysis, design, software, prototype fabrication and short run production are availalble and accessable for short term or long term projects.

New! A Motor Technology that Pushes ALL the Industry Hot Buttons. Read about our Resonant Field Exciter for Wound Field Motors  here.

Engineering Expertise when and where you need it

The digital world is interacting with the real world as never before. Even mousetraps are becoming information sources. Everything with a motor on it can now be both an actuator and a source of information. Electric nanogrids can function completely separate from the electric grid, but "phone home" when needed. Even if your product or service doesn't now use digital technology, the changes under way will affect it.

This is where Digital Power Engineering consulting can help. We will be your "on call Subject Matter Expert" guiding you through where we have already been. Whether it's one on one, a classroom setting, or in the field, we are available on call, on line, or on site, domestic or internationally.

Getting through the "Round Tuit"

For the client that is already involved with the digital world, there are always those corporate "I'll get around to it" engineering tasks that nobody ever seems to get around to. Perhaps it's the nagging production problem that's costing money, but the client doesn't have bandwidth to investigate and resolve. Or perhaps it's a looming part obsolecense issue they know is coming but are putting off dealing with. Or a regulatory or customer dictated requirement that is likewise known but put off. Or even a "what if" they have been dying to try, but again, don't have the bandwidth. This is where Digital Power Engineering's Engiineering Services can come to the rescue. Beyond consulting, we can "Turn the crank" and carry out the task from analysis, through design, PCB layout, prototyping, software, testing and small run production, or anything in between.

Working with us

At Digital Power Engineering we make it easy to work with us. The best way to start the conversation is simply to call or send us an email. If the project is already defined, email us an RFQ. Please browse through the additional information on the left. It will provide more detail on who we are and what we offer. We're looking foward to hearing from you.

For payment, we accept PayPal, Escrow.com, Credit Cards (MC/VISA/AMEX), checks, or Purchase Orders.

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