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What is Digital Power?

 In 2006 the IEEE estimated that 60% of the electric power in the developed world passes through a semiconductor device from generation to consumption. This is expected to be 100% in the not too distant future. Much of this is due to the emphasis on energy effeciency. The least expensive power plant is the one that never has to be built and the use of semiconductors and digital power conversion is the way to accomplish that.

At Digital Power Engineering we have been involved with digital power conversion since 1974. Our experience includes every known switching power topology, and even a few not so well known. We've worked at power levels from a few milliwatts to 80KW, grid powered, off line battery, generator or alternative energy supplied.

If your product uses electrical energy, particularly above 1KW, Digital Power Engineering can help you meet the challenges of higher effeciency with education, guidance and 41 years of hands on engineering experience in digital power.

















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